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Eleanor Williams

Managing Director | Australian Centre for Evaluation

Eleanor joined the Australian Centre for Evaluation in October 2023.

Eleanor holds Masters level qualifications in Public Policy and Management and Evaluation from the University of Melbourne.

She has worked in a variety of senior management and executive roles in Government. This includes roles as the Executive Director of Strategy and Policy and Director of the Centre for Evaluation and Research Evidence in the Victorian Department of Health, as well as the Interim CEO at the Victorian Collaborative Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing.

Eleanor is a former board member of the Australian Evaluation Society and co-founded the Australian Public Sector Evaluation Network in 2019.

She is currently undertaking PhD with supervisors at the University of Queensland and University College London with a focus on evidence use in fast-paced policy environments.

Outside of work, she enjoys playing indoor soccer, hosting a book club, and cooking for her family and friends.


Suzanne Butler

Director | Evaluation Leadership, Policy, and Capability Unit

Suzanne joined the Australian Centre for Evaluation in July 2023.

Suzanne has over 20 years of experience managing whole-of-government public sector reforms in the Australian Government.

Most recently, Suzanne led the design and implementation of the Commonwealth Evaluation Policy and Toolkit.

She specialises in strategic policy and change management and has extensive experience advising on federal budgets, particularly in relation to health and social policy.

Suzanne has expertise in the Commonwealth resource management, performance, and budget frameworks.

In previous roles at the Department of Finance, she led strategic policy reviews in the areas of health, aged care, veterans’ affairs, and service delivery reform.

Suzanne has qualifications in psychology, political science, management, and business administration.

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time in nature and exploring new places with family and friends.


Harry Greenwell

Director | Impact Evaluation Unit

Harry joined the Australian Centre for Evaluation in July 2023.

Harry has over 7 years of evaluation and evaluation-related experience, predominantly involving experimental evaluations.

At the Behavioural Economics Team of the Australian Government (BETA), he oversaw more than two dozen field or survey experiments, as well as related survey designs and qualitative research.

Harry previously worked in range of roles at the Australian Treasury and, prior to that, he researched poverty and inequality at the University of Canberra.

Harry has qualifications in economics, philosophy and mathematics.

Outside of work, he has a keen interest in effective altruism, and enjoys playing ultimate frisbee.


Dr Scott Copley

Specialist Adviser | Impact Evaluation Unit

Scott joined the Australian Centre for Evaluation in August 2023 as the Specialist Adviser in the Impact Evaluation Unit.

He has 18 years of quantitative research experience, predominantly involving experimental evaluations and data analytics.

His professional interests include causal inference, statistical pedagogy, and the intersection of meta-scientific/statistical issues with decision making in public policy. He is also an R enthusiast.

Scott has a PhD in Medical Science and has previously worked in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Department of Health, the L'Institut National de la Santé (France), and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (Adelaide).

Outside of work, he enjoys hanging out with his family, and playing the guitar and mandolin.


Impact Evaluation Unit

Vera Newman

Assistant Director

Peter Bowers

Assistant Director

Ramethaa Pirathiban

Senior Evaluation Analyst

Campbell Mcnolty

Senior Evaluation Analyst

Vy Nguyen

Senior Evaluation Analyst

Ethan Slaven

Evaluation Analyst

Evaluation Leadership, Policy and Capability Unit

Lorraine Heywood

Assistant Director

Douglas Orr

Assistant Director

Ellie McDonald

Senior Evaluation Analyst

Shantanu Sheshgir

Senior Evaluation Analyst

Amy Green

Evaluation Analyst

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