Commonwealth Evaluation Toolkit


This guidance (Resource Management Guide (RMG) 130) was developed to provide anyone new to evaluation with an overview of evaluation concepts and approaches.

It will help you:

  • understand the importance of planning how to evaluate early
  • understand the role of monitoring, evaluation and learning across the policy cycle
  • choose fit for purpose evaluative approaches
  • plan and undertake a high-quality evaluation.

Designed for Commonwealth entities and companies

The guide is designed to help Commonwealth entities and companies meet:

Principles-based approach

A principles‑based approach guides the conduct of evaluations across the Commonwealth.

The guide can be used to help plan how government programs and activities will be monitored and evaluated across the policy cycle in line with better practice approaches.

Fit for purpose evaluation

Those responsible for the successful delivery of results need to determine fit for purpose evaluative approaches for specific government programs and activities in a particular context, in accordance with relevant policy requirements.


If you need help applying this guidance, you can email the Australian Centre for Evaluation at

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